Global analysis

3Muri Project: Global analysis

The current panorama of masonry constructions requires the utmost competence in the design and calculation phase of structures in seismic areas.

To assist and support the designer in this task, S.T.A. DATA offers 3Muri Project, developed specifically for masonry.

In fact, it is not a generic Finite Element software adapted for masonry structures; 3Muri Project was born from the specific research for these structures and captures all the characteristics to obtain a safe and reliable calculation.

Adaptable both to new buildings and to historical single or aggregate buildings of any size, 3Muri Project performs the function of making them solid and safe even in the case of seismic events. An indispensable software, now so deeply rooted in the design culture that it has reached its twelfth version.

His winning weapon? The innovative FME (Frame by Macro Elements) calculation method.

To develop it, we made use of the collaboration with the research team led by prof. Sergio Lagomarsino, full professor of Construction Technique at the University of Genoa together with other specialists (prof. Andrea Penna and engineer Alessandro Galasco of the Eucentre of Pavia, and engineer Serena Cattari of the University of Genoa)

The theoretical foundations of 3Muri Project derive from laboratory experiments and analysis of real structures that. flanked by a modeling system and consultation of the results, make 3Muri Project a software at the top of its category.

Authoritative confirmations have come to us from numerous universities and national and international research centers, which have chosen 3Muri Project to perform specific tests. The result? Total efficiency and reliability, resulting from the positive comparison between the seismic effects on real structures damaged by recent earthquakes (L’Aquila and Emilia) and the numerical results.

The numerous configurations in which 3Muri Project is proposed meet all the needs of designers, from the most complex to the simplest structures.