Seismic and static analysis of masonry structures

3Muri is the leading Italian program created specifically for the seismic and static calculation of masonry structures according to NTC 18, EC6, EC8, SIA. It is not simply the adaptation of a generic FEM software but 3Muri has been developed specifically for the design of new buildings or the examination of existing buildings, masonry and mixed (with elements in reinforced concrete, steel and wood), of small or large.

The strengths of 3Muri are the extreme simplicity of use and a rigorous and innovative calculation method, recognized by the Italian and international scientific community.


The FME calculation method for push-over analysis

The calculation method FME – Frame by Macro Element, schematizes the structure through an equivalent frame consisting of a particular type of element, called macro-element. The software solver has demonstrated its reliability thanks to tests carried out at numerous universities and national and international research centers, with results able to faithfully represent the real behavior of the structures analyzed. From the analysis carried out, it is therefore possible to foresee the necessary seismic adaptation interventions, by reinforcing existing walls or inserting new masonry or reinforced masonry elements.


Graphic environment

The program has a graphic module for the introduction of the structure with intuitive commands, a solver for the creation of the calculation model and its solution, a post-processor for the immediate presentation of the results and the creation of the calculation report .


Normative requirements

In all the input phases it is possible to check the requests of the legislation in use and the related tables (eg the characteristics of the materials).


Multilingual and multinorma

3Muri is available in Italian, English, German, French, Greek and Albanian, and allows you to use Eurocode 6, Eurocode 8, Swiss SIA standards. It is updated to the Technical Standards for Construction, Ministerial Decree 17-1-2018.


Ready for BIM

Always S.T.A. DATA is in step with new technologies. A philosophy that cannot of course exclude 3Muri, the software that represents an essential point of reference for designers. This is why 3Muri is interoperable with the most popular software that adopt the BIM methodology for the input and output phase. This means that it is able to read and write IFC files both for the input phase and for the connection with other BIM software (Revit®, Allplan®, Archicad®).