S.T.A. DATA was founded in 1983 by Adriano Castagnone, civil and structural engineer since 1978, and pioneer of scientific software for structural engineering.

The company was born to provide civil engineering services and consulting. We have always had a particular interest in the evolving sector of IT, foreseeing the enormous opportunity of applying it in design and computation.

Before focusing on software development, S.T.A. DATA realized important projects both with private and state-owned companies: that’s our strength, because beside IT experts you need professional of structural design.

The company is currently composed of 15 people, including employees and consultants, all highly qualified professionals. Thanks to continuous development work and collaboration with the university and professionals world, it is always able to offer advanced and constant updates to its customers.

Applications S.T.A. DATA allow you to face everyday work with simplicity and effectiveness. The company goal does not end with the search for new IT solutions. The offer of S.T.A. DATA includes support, training and consulting services, including individual projects, so that professionals are immediately operational. Thanks to the technical expertise and state-of-the-art solutions, S.T.A. DATA is the solution to the real problems of designers.