3Muri BIM

The BIM methodology is spreading among designers. 3Muri supports this methodology through the construction of the model functions (use of parametric objects), creating interoperability with other softwares (structural and architectural) and developing graphic tables exported automatically from the 3D model.

IFC Module
3Muri is interoperable with BIM technology through IFC files (Industry Foundation Classes format), whose specifications are based on a neutral format of data, designed to describe, exchange and share project informations. The command “IFC export” in the File menu allows you to create the IFC file. This file includes the structural objects defined by the IFC standard in order to be visible with a reader or BIM2CAD. The import of IFC models is realized through the software BIM2CAD, included with the module, which allows you to read IFC files and automatically export horizontal sections in DXF format, which can be used as plants in 3Muri.