The push-over analysis is the best method to respond to the requests of modern calculation methods for structures in seismic areas, with particular regard to the global ductility calculation.

The displacement verification has replaced the resistance verification, highlighting, by the push-over analysis, the structure criticalities. In addition, in order to understand whether the structure is box-like or not, and thus to carry out the actual push-over analysis, the software has the analysis of local collapse mechanisms for checking the right overtrains. With the same model of calculation, it is also possible to perform static verification, only for vertical loads.

The 3Muri solver has proved particularly reliable through tests carried out by several universities and research centers, national and international, providing results that accurately represent the real structure behavior. This can be seen in studies in which are successfully compared the effects of earthquake on real structures damaged by recent earthquakes (L’Aquila and Emilia) and the numerical forecasts.

With the same calculation model it is also possible to fulfill the static verification, just for the vertical loads.



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