My meeting with S.T.A. DATA didn’t happen by chance. I was looking for a partner able to grant all the confidence coming from a high level scientific background, firmly based on the authority and competence of the Academic Research. That’s exactly what the S.T.A. DATA Scientific Team gives me in a cooperative atmosphere.
Sassan Mohasseb – Dr. of Earthquake Engineering, Swiss federal Institute of Technology – Zurich

The choice of S.T.A. DATA has not been made by chance. I was in looking for a company charaterized by an high level scientific background, based on the authority and competence of the Academic Research. I founded this in the S.T.A. DATA Scientific Team, in a climate of collaboration and willingness.
Eng. Roberto Giacchetti – Professor of Construction Technics and Materials and Structures Control
Faculty of Engineering – Politechnic University of Marche

In my job I use appropiate tools to guarantee efficiency and safety. I always look for partners able to support me with appropriate responses when I need them. The support and advice are fundamental skills to me. I chose S.T.A. DATA for this reason.
Eng. Pierpaolo D’aco

In this years I have found S.T.A. DATA as the perfect partner. They guided me through changes of legislation with punctual and exact updates, targeted workshops, complete advices, high academic level scientific research.
Arch. Nicola Sandro Josue – ANAS S.P.A. – Perugia

Experience, reliability, security for my work and my company. S.T.A. DATA guarantees me everything, with their software and with their professional training and consulting.
Eng. Ercole Finocchietti – A.C.E.R. – Parma

User-friendly and sophisticated softwares. Fast and very easy input. And I can also count on an always available support. I chose S.T.A. DATA for the quality of the software and of the technical support and their high level consulting services.
Professor Giorgio Serafini