Existing buildings

Modifications and improvements

Some existing structures can’t sustain the supposed seismic intensity, so it may be necessary to make reinforcement works.

Additionally, reinforcement elements may have been added over time to the structure that needs to be taken into account in the calculation model.

NTC Chapter 10 concerns the local modifications and improvements. 3Muri can easily simulate these interventions through a range of reinforcing elements such as chains, FRP applications, reinforced plaster, injections on walls, stiffening of floors etc.

You can also insert new elements such as beams, columns, reinforced concrete walls, steel frames and braces.

If it is not possible to determine the elements, you can make a simulation project using the elements that were expected at the time of the construction of the building.

For the design of these elements there is an automatic connection to the Piano NTC and AxisVM software. Further analysis can be made with the ET Engineering Tools and SaiTu programs.